21 Nov

About special events | special events

About Special Events

Seether, Gretchen Wilson, Gary Sinise, Metal Mulisha…what do these world renowned stars have in common? All have been brought to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center by Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Special Events department. In fact, when you shop at the Marine Corps Exchange, eat at a restaurant aboard base, bowl at Sandy Hill Lanes or rent a snowboard at Outdoor Adventures, the money spent at that MCCS facility or program is turned directly around to fund MCCS quality of life programs and activities. This includes helping fund the many special events brought to you each year by the MCCS Special Events department.

MCCS special events are typically offered to our patrons free of charge, but these endeavors are far from free to host. MCCS offers world class customer service to our visiting artists and performers, including meals, amenities and wages for performers and their crews. In addition, each event involves months of in-depth research, meticulous planning and extensive staffing.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous support of our MCCS special event sponsors. Through our patrons’ continued use of MCCS programs and facilities, coupled with our sponsors’ ongoing commitment to increasing quality of life for our Marines, Sailors, retirees and their families, we will continue to bring you world renowned artists and entertainment opportunities through the MCCS Special Events department.

MCCS Special Events is always on the lookout for new endeavors. If you have a great idea, we’d love to hear it! Visit the MCCS Twentynine Palms Facebook page to post your ideas. 

21 Nov

Do you know which online website traffic source in your niche market is profitable? | niche market finder

Do You Know Which Online Website Traffic Source In Your Niche Market Is Profitable?

October 21, 2010 | By Patricia Hedge In Niche Market Finder |

Most people when starting a home business are concentrating on generating traffic in their niche market and think that attracting visitors to their niche website is the most important thing they can do. However it is very important that you are certain that you are concentrating on the profitable traffic sources for your niche website. In this article I want to discuss with you how to discover these traffic sources so you can increase your profits substantially.

Steer Clear of Getting Visitors From Traffic Sources Simply Because They Are Fashionable:

The biggest mistake that people make when they start a home business is that they focus primarily on traffic sources that they think are popular and trendy. While this might be true that traffic may not be the right channel for your niche website.

Many times new entrepreneurs will try to bring traffic to their website using for instance Web 2.0 strategies only because they have heard that this traffic source is all the rage at the time! Also new entrepreneurs often fall victim to the diverse traffic scams which are speckled all over the internet.

The fact is that you should not be focusing on traffic sources in your market just because everyone else is using them, or they seem well-liked, or the promises seem too good to be true! You need to know how to establish which traffic source will bring your niche website the highest amount of traffic and conversions and concentrate on those sources first.

How To Resolve Which Traffic Sources Will Make Your Niche Website…
The Greatest Amount of Money:

#1 – Tracking, tracking and more tracking… no joking. The very first thing you need to make certain of is that you have set up a first-rate system for keeping track of everything you are doing and precisely what is happening on your website at all times.

In particular you want to have a good idea of which traffic sources are bringing you the most conversions and which products are proving to be the most profitable.

#2 – Test, test and then test some more! You want to make sure you test each new traffic channel on a small scale to begin with so you can assess exactly how they are performing for sales and profitability.

This will avoid the all too common famous mistake of spending huge dollars to get visitors to your website only to find out that that specific traffic will not convert in your niche market, especially when you are first starting. It is far wiser to get a bit of traffic and then wait and see how it converts.

Once you know that the traffic channel is making you an excellent return on your investment, then you should start and then continue to reinvest the profits (for the first while) so you can get your traffic and sales volume even higher.

By then you should be making a lot more in sales revenues then you are actually spending and have a very good source of income.

The time you spend learning about your niche website traffic and the necessary techniques needed to become profitable will definitely pay off in the long run.

Looking to find the best information on Traffic Sources, then visit www.business-sense-websitebuilder.com to find the best advice on Internet Marketing Training for you.

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    Activities at cabanas la luna, tulum, mexico. come to magical la luna and enjoy a fairy tale come true! feel like robinson crusoe, christopher columbus or captain dale on a tropical shore with everything you need to feel the magic of life: fresh air, blue skies, turquoise water, fresh local dishes, friendly people and a lot of sun tulum beach

    Since we are small privately owned boutique hotel offering our guests a unique holiday experience – providing perfect service is a key focus area for us.

    Our European cook, Jacob, can prepare various international dishes with a Mexican touch in a very romantic dining area in a secluded garden. On your request we can also serve your diner on your private deck or on the beach or arrange for traditional Mexican meals prepared by Rodrigo and his mother. Furthermore, La Luna is a perfect place for a small intimate yet very romantic wedding. We have a beautiful spot on our dune where the wedding ceremony can be performed. This can either be an official wedding by a local judge, a traditional Mayan wedding or if you choose to perform your legal wedding at home you can choose your own wedding ceremony or have a renewal of vows. Anything is possible, some of our guests even bring their own priest or minister! Best hour for the ceremony is around 4 PM with drinks served at sunset…

    Apart from these special services at La Luna, our staff can basically fulfill any requests you may have to make your vacation special, such as cold beers on your patio when you arrive, manicure/pedicure, flowers in your room, tours, massages, rental bikes, etc. We can also arrange airport pick-ups or drop-offs, a reliable and exclusive local shuttle service.

    20 Nov

    Healthy weight loss program through proper dieting | kyle leon somanabolic program

    People go for quick weight loss without thinking about the consequences, how can you have a quick weight loss that too in an healthy way, which can be termed as healthy weight loss.

    People look for short cuts and want to lose weight rapidly; nobody thinks about healthy weight loss, people normally forget the negative effects on the body which is associated with quick weight loss.

    Before you go for quick weight loss program, you have to make certain fitness tuning changes in your body, this is important because you are pursuing a program which will result in quick weight loss without any negative effects on the body.

    This article addresses several things regarding your life and how you live your life. This will show you a path in order to get a healthy weight loss. You must follow these paths one at a time; it also depends upon the level of your dedication and will power.

    These things are very important if you want to have a quick weight loss without any negative effects on your body. The tools mentioned here are to be used and used properly, without proper implementation; you may not get the desired results.

    For a healthy weight reduction program, you will have to make dietary changes; this means that you need to have a diet which is full of all the essential nutrients. For those who are not doing any exercise, it will be disastrous to experiment with the first step.

    Before you run on a gym, you will have to remove all the dietary deficiencies. In such cases, people are fatigued and feel dizziness and sometimes fainting sensation. This also results in muscle soreness and fatigue after the exercise is over. The only answer to all this is to remove all the deficiencies in your diet and include all the essential nutrients in your diet.

    Body needs various nutrients; any deficiency will result into the fatigue. In case there are some deficiencies in your diet, you will not be able to cope up with quick weight loss program and will be really difficult for you. You will not enjoy a bit of it and soon you will raise hands and quit the program.

    The journey to quick weight loss starts with your food, the daily intake of nutrients and other supplements which are required by the body on daily basis. Start with three meals a day, your meals should include carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and proteins.

    All these items should be present in all the three meals. Include plenty of whole grain in your food, so that your body gets adequate amount of carbohydrates. You must also get good cholesterol so that your cholesterol level should be under control.

    You must include variety of nuts, eggs, fish cooked in olive oil. It would be highly healthy, if you can include fish in at least one meal during the day, fish is a very good source of protein and omega-3 oils. Such a diet is very helpful in maintain good health and cope up with the quick weight loss program in a healthy manner.

    19 Nov

    Joshua philip levens, ph.d. » 2008» march


    After a number of technical difficulties, adjustments and readjustments, I’m back. Thanks again to Brian Hart for his tireless and cost-effective (free) labors. This blog is now being brought to you by the letter S (Solar Power) and the number 2 (2 solar collector panels and 2 computers in year 2).

    In conjunction with the Olive Branch for Children NGO, headed by Deborah (Mama D) McCracken (www.theolivebranchforchildren.com), *Undisclosed Location* Secondary will be entering the computer age. To all of the private donors who earmarked funds for this project, thank you. Karibu Tanzania.

    I have returned from Dar-es-Salaam where I purchased 2 85 Watt Solar panels, 4 solar batteries, 35 metres of wire and a charger controller, all of which will be set-up in the next couple of weeks to provide an electricity source in the school’s library to power lights and at least 2 desktop computers. I should be able to get both the DC-AC inverter and the new computers by May at the latest. However, there should be one computer immediately available to begin staff training when the school re-opens at the beginning of next month.

    We just had a visit from our member of parliament a couple of weeks back. Among other messages, he told our assembled teachers and local community leaders that a school without a computer was not a school. On the right track maybe, but counterproductive given that he knew nothing of the current project. As I told him about the project, I made sure he knew that many Tanzanian schools suffer not for lack of resources as much as for lack of utilization of existing resources.

    Case in point, our school has a nice library. It could still use more books, especially textbooks and Kiswahili language materials. However, when I got to the school the main problem with the library was that the students hardly used it. It was open during school hours only, when they were supposed to be in class. It was closed at all other times. What I have done with our library over the last year and a half has been simply to make the library resources available in the evening study hours and to train students in its proper use. This cost only labor and did not need any outside grant.

    Before coming to UL Secondary, I trained at a school in Morogoro that actually had a couple of computers. However, no one knew how to use them and they remained in the headmaster’s office, unplugged and taking up space. I took the time to remind our parliamentary representative as well as the assembled school and community leaders that this computer project would not be a success just because of the financial resources. We needed commitment, time and talent or it would become no better than a locked library and unplugged computers.

    All that being said, I am excited and optimistic. While every teacher, staff member and student with whom I have discussed the project has assured me of community-wide interest, I personally feel confident that 3 of our teachers will take the necessary time to train according a regular schedule in order to become proficient in word-processing and spread sheet use. It also appears quite likely that after my departure in late November, the Peace Corps will replace my site with another education volunteer to continue with this work. As I said, all realistic pessimism aside, I am happy about our prospects.

    As for the gardening projects, I have had a couple of small successes but have had most of my goals delayed. The orphans’ vegetable garden has been put-off by scheduling logistics. However, I plan on getting some seeds in the ground by the end of the month and having a full-training session with the students in permaculture and bio-intensive farming by the middle of next month. The rains have not been ideal up to this point anyway (sour grapes?). Heavy rains with no sunshine (lots of mold problems) have been followed by 10 days periods of drought, hardly ideal. We usually get substantial rain in my region until June. Since I’m planting vegetables that mature after 1-2 months, all is not lost. I’m still counting on eating broccoli by May.

    On a personal note, I healed up quite nicely in South Africa. My collarbone (sans metal plate) is about 95% back to normal. I’m still taking a little easy when it comes to doing ju-jitsu with my students, but am otherwise back to my regular exercise routine.

    As for teaching, things are hectic but well on course. As the only biology teacher available, the students are not getting as much class time as they ought. In particular, my Form III students have only one double-period, once a week. On the other end of the spectrum, my Form IV students have already finished the biology syllabus and will be reviewing the past four years of biology until they take their national exams in September. We got through quite a bit of material last year when we had two biology teachers and they are now enjoying the benefits of being ahead in their studies.

    I have found that in my second year, I am much more qualified to teach the Form I students. Most of these students know absolutely no English until they reach secondary school. This means that I need to teach everything throughly in Kiswahili before I teach them in English. Last year the words for nuclear membrane (utando wa kiini cha chembechembe), catalyst (kimeng’enya) and liver (ini) hardly rolled off my tongue. I can answer most of their questions now in class rather than writing everything down and getting back to them later. Right now they are using the microscope (Thanks again to Ma and Pa Levens!) and learning about the parts of the cell. This is probably my favorite topic and the one that I use to launch into every other topic: Nutrition, Digestion, Genetics and etc. It all starts with the cells, right?

    The other fun new project this year has been a peer-education project. A group of about 8 Form IV students (male and female) go with me every Monday to the local primary school to teach life skills and material about HIV/AIDS. This is my favorite project because I do none of the work. The kids prepare the lessons and do all the teaching. I go with them, watch and meet with the later to talk about what went well, what did not, and why. It has also been the first time that i have found students talking freely and bluntly about issues of sexuality. They discuss the issues with each other. I mostly listen and only occasionally interject.

    Well, I’m running out of time and need to be getting back to the village. I’m not sure when I’ll be back to town next, but I promise another update before 3 more months slips by.

    Peace, Josh

    19 Nov

    10k eastern star jewelry – pink onyx eastern star ring: silver, titanium & platinum jewelry

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    6mm Comfort Fit Wedding Band by Benchmark(R)
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    Omaha, ne alarm systems service | omaha, ne alarm systems service

    Alarm Systems Service in Omaha, NE

    When you need Omaha, NE, alarm systems service, our team is the one to enlist. At Echo Systems in Omaha, NE, we are committed to providing quality services to all of our clients. We know that protecting your property, belongings, and loved ones are most important to you. Our experts are here to deliver high-quality work and prompt project completion on your job. Our company was established in 1950, and over the decades we have developed a reputation for exceptional work for our clients in the area.

    The security of your home or business in Omaha is essential. When it comes to choosing the right system, we know that you want the highest quality protection available. We are serious about our work and keeping our clients secure. We provide state-of-the-art systems that provide effective and reliable performance. Our knowledgeable, friendly team is here to help you through every step of the process of finding the right system that fits your budget, property, and needs.

    For quality Omaha, NE, alarm systems service, you can rely on the experience team of professionals at Echo Systems. We are dedicated to serving the needs of all of our clients in Omaha, NE, and we are ready to get started on your project. To get a free estimate or learn more about our services and products, call us today to setup a consultation.

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    Havana black – lyrics

    (Lyrics: H.Leiden)

    I felt so bad every time we met
    Couldn’t help the feeling I was using you
    I felt so sad to see your eyes get wet
    But believe me baby, I didn’t know what to do

    Baby, babe you should have known better
    Baby, babe, yes, you should have known better
    I know I should have told you
    I know I should have told you
    That love is a lie

    When I was a young boy my mama said to me
    If you treat women good they’ll give their love to you
    Well I’ve been a good boy remembering what she said
    But I didn’t know when love gets old
    It makes yor heart so cold

    Baby, babe I should have known better
    Baby, babe, yes, I should have known better
    I know you should have told me, ma
    I know you should have told me
    That love is a lie

    I saw you today, you were smiling again
    Your eyes were shining with new relief
    Now that you’ve found it, baby keep that beat
    The past is behind, it doesn’t have to repeat

    Baby, babe you should have known better
    I said baby babe, you should have known better
    I know I should have told you
    Someone should have told you
    It’s a lie

    Baby babe you should know why, baby baby, I call it a lie
    Think a little while
    Think a little while
    Think a little while
    Think a little while
    It’s a lie
    Love is a lie

    (Lyrics: H.Leiden)

    Love and understanding and a helping hand

    You don’t have to speak Latin or Chinese
    Or come to my door crawling on your knees
    No, you don’t have to know how to sing
    To make my heart go ring-a-ding-a-ling

    I gotta capture the emotion
    I have the passion and devotion

    All I need is a rock n’ roll band
    Love, understanding and a helping hand
    All I want is a rock n’ roll band
    Love, understanding and a helping hand

    You don’t need a wig to be a pretty sight
    Or pump’em up with silicone to make things right
    No, it doesn’t help if you live in the hills
    ‘Cos I’ve never been a sucker for any cheap thrills

    I gotta capture the emotion
    I have the passion and devotion

    All I need is a rock n’ roll band
    Love, understanding and a helping hand
    All I want is a rock n’ roll band
    Love, understanding and a helping hand

    I gotta capture the emotion
    I have the passion and devotion

    Love – love, understanding and a helping hand
    Love – love, understanding and a helping hand
    Love – love, understanding and a helping hand
    Love – love, understanding and a helping hand

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    Carlton international suitcases | hand bags



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    16 Nov

    Reconditions the body and gives back its natural ability to process dairy.

    List Price: 29.95
    Amazon Price: 49.95

    Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)

    Editorial Review: Lactagen is the only real solution to lactose intolerance. It’s not a temporary supplement, but a one-time, 38-day program. The Lactagen program uses a proprietary blend of natural minerals and sugars which is dissolved in a water-soluble powder and taken with certain meals during a 38-day period.The specially designed program helps the body recondition itself to digest dairy products without painful and embarrassing side effects.

    Customer Reviews:

    0 of 0 found this review helpful:
    Slow but steady, 2008-06-03
    After the 38 days, I could drink milk without having side effects, but I couldn’t push it. Slowly but steadily I started being able to drink more and more!

    0 of 0 found this review helpful:
    Didn’t work – and still trying to get $ back after 6 months, 2008-05-22
    I took the product exactly as stated, and I saw minor improvement while taking it (could have been that I was purposely avoiding products with lactose as stated by the plan), by the time I finished the 38-day process, I was just like when I started. I followed the return instructions to the letter and after 6 months, many emails and calls, I am still waiting. And I even have proof of delivery confirmation! The nice lady that answers the phone will string you along…

    My suggestion: If you try it and you don’t see improvement withing the first couple weeks, return it and dispute it with your credit card company right away and don’t let the 60 day dispute time frame expire. Good luck!

    2 of 2 found this review helpful:
    try it but be aware it may not work, 2007-09-03
    I followed the lactagen program to the letter and on the 38th day I did have a glass of milk without the usual horrible symptoms but I did have terrible flatulence. As I consumed more dairy over the next 4 weeks it seemed to get worse and worse. I stopped having any dairy after one terrible night in the bathroom. It may work for some but just be aware that your intolerance may return. At least they offer a 6 mo return policy which I am going to request this week. Let’s hope they give me my money back.