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How long do painkillers stay in fetus blood?

How long do painkillers stay in fetus blood?

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About the value of small things in a life of chronic pain


About the Value of Small Things in a Life of Chronic Pain

Posted by
admin 19 April, 2010

There are days when I would rather “think small”. You know, The Lilliputians, The smurfs, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids etc. Small things and actions can also be beneficial and joy-giving. Remember the saying, “Many a mickle makes a muckle”? There is a grain of truth in it; one step at a time and we can achieve a lot. At first, let’s look for small things which can colorize our life. My parents always told me that “The best things come in small packages.” When I think of a small thing that would be both joy giving and beneficial, diamonds immediately come to my mind. These precious stones are beautiful and expensive, but there are many other things in a world of an equal (not necessarily monetary) value. Newborn creatures, plants’ buds and seeds also bring many possibilities just because they will grow. If not, small is always small, so it should be valued. What I mean here is that we have to learn to appreciate small actions, small objects, small animals, small plants, and other small things, since they are precious to us. Do not let the chronic pain overshadow those small treasures, offered to us by life. 
It was yesterday, when I started to think about the “diminutives”. I was in a garden, looking at the blooming hydrangea bushes, and I just couldn’t stop admiring them. Its flowers are white and violet, simply beautiful.
I felt joy and happiness that the plant managed to revive after last winter snow. I would even say that it never looked better. The bush has hundreds of little buds and bundles unfolding on every spring. Next to the white-violet hydrangea grows a blue- white hydrangea, both are of lace-cap variety. At the very end of flower bed also grows a pink-white hydrangea of full-headed variety. The last winter was really hard for me and my flowers, only they have managed to bounce back, and I have barely succeeded to make one step forward.
I love to look at the flowering hydrangea bush, and a thorny Rugosa rose growing right next to it. Their stems sprout onto the ground as if they wanted to create a colorful floral carpet, embellished by its tiny lavender flowers. It’s fascinating how their creepers reach the walls of our house, and entwine the windows with its delicate stalks. Sometimes I can see a bird looking for worms in the groundcover, but the bush is so thick there that I can barely see the legs of my feathered friend. Such wonders remind me of the fact that grass can be greener on our side. It does not matter that leaves fall in autumn, because they all will grow once again in spring. Flowers have to shed blossom so that other flowers could bloom. Isn’t it great that life provides us with endless supplies?
Another thing which brings me so much joy is breathing in the cool, fresh-scented air, brought by the wind blowing across the Columbia River. I take pleasure from it each time we go for a walk along the river bank. In the meantime, we often feed the always-hungry seagulls, crows, and hundreds of pigeons with stale chunks of bread. The “food news” immediately spread between the animals, and after 2 minutes there are more birds than breadcrumbs. They fly above us, and gather in groups by the river bank. At times we can spot a seagull with damaged leg, or an injured wing. Seems that life can be cruel to all living creatures. It’s so funny when the children laugh and scream after a gull catches a crumb in the mid-air.  Some of the birds keep the distance, but the more brave ones approach the place where we’re standing, to catch the best and biggest chunks of bread. People who use their eyes to see should notice and appreciate the world that surrounds them. It won’t do any good to focus on suffering, pain and self-pitying. Life is more than that.
Unfortunately, life is constructed in such a way that even small, and seemingly harmless things can get us into trouble. For instance, a spot of water lying on the floor, or a turned-up carpet can make us disabled for the rest of our lives. Taking too many pills after lugging heavy shopping bags can also be very dangerous. Don’t know about you, but I almost always forget to take the additional bag – isn’t it cruel? We can avoid the overdose by doing one small thing, namely to prepare a special medicine container to keep everything in order and straight (if needed). Other actions that can keep us safe are putting on shoes, or at least socks while walking on a slippery floor; holding the handrail while descending the stairs; turning on the lights where we can’t see the room/stairs properly, etc. I had to put up with these little lights arranged all over the house, prepared especially for such circumstances as late visits in the kitchen to take the pill and have a glass of water to it, or letting out the dog to the garden. To make things safer, we also should remember that our carrying and pushing abilities are considerably limited. Forgetting about all of the above mentioned precautions can effectively worsen our already hard life. One pound over the limit and we can irretrievably get into trouble. We all should take care of our lives properly, especially if we suffer chronic pain, take meds or have limited motion abilities.
It is a proved fact that people who work during the day, even for a few hours, are healthier, and more resistant to falls, than people who avoid activities. We need exercises to keep our cardiovascular system in a good condition, to maintain an appropriate level of cholesterol, and to train the muscles by lifting light objects. For instance, stretchy band exercises done regularly can prepare us for the everyday pains and aches. Take your time while training, it’s not a race. Step by step you will soon reach your destination. We can use some of the daily activities as stretching and strengthening exercises. How? It is very simple. Brush the toilet ten more time than it’s necessary. Rub the body lotion on your legs twenty times more, using the no dominant hand. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car as far from the store’s entrance as it is possible. All these activities will help you to strengthen your muscles and revive the damaged tissues. Your body might have indeed betrayed you (like my did), but there is no other person like you – remember that. There are many of us who have a chronic illness, and I think that we all should make friends with our pain. There is no point in fighting with something we can’t change (ex. our wrecked bodies). People who managed to reconcile with their suffering are wise and courageous. I have heard that it helped them to taste their lives for real, and forget about the distress.
You can lie down and take your life as it is, but you can also take a matter into your own hands and fight back. Step by step, breath by breath, day by day, and you will make it! Of course you can grumble from time to time – in my case it helps. Doing something for yourself can be quite empowering. We can devote the big things for sake of the smaller ones. The joy brought by small actions is comparable to the pleasures brought by the larger things. So why not ‘thinking small’ today? Look for the birds on a tree. Admire the blueness of the sky. And what’s the most important, spend 5 minutes on stretching exercises, because this will make you able to train 5 more minutes on the next day.

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Welcome to thabavanam ashram website

siddha treatment at thabavanam ashram

Our mission at Siddha Treatment Centre in Thabavanam Ashram is to restore and maintain health and well being of our patients through this ancient Hindu remedy called Siddha Medicine.

siddha Medicine

This Siddha Treatment is timeless, ageless curing diseases for time immemorial to this present age! In short, it uses spiritual cosmic energy and mother nature. Today we have various methodology of cure such as allopathic, homeopathy, naturopathy, ayurvedic, and many more. The unique difference is, Siddha treatment is carried out by Siddhars, people who have attained yogic siddhi power by severe penance, renunciation and pranayama (breathing exercise) to control and transcend time and space by profound meditational practice. They should also be well verse in the art of deathless living!

His Grace Sri Roma Rishi Siddhar Manimantra Ausagar Srila Sri Essana Siava Subramaniayar Swamigal
Radiant Healing Light

Guruji is a qualified and experienced practitioner. He is very passionate, committed and dedicated to make a difference in curing all aliments that are medically incurable. The success in ensured, If the treatment begins in the early phase of diagnosis rather then prolonged and unsuccessful trial-on-basis form of treatment by other treatment practices. For example diabetes, heart diseases, HIV-related diseases, cancers, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s diseases, Muscular Dystrophy and many more!

His Grace Sri Roma Rishi Siddhar believes that the causative factor of any diseases, ailments or malfunction of a body actually due to karma which arises from one’s own action. So the patients are made aware of the cause and effect of their ailment. And if they are satisfied with the explanation, He will slowly and carefully educate, reveal the art of enhancing and improving the quality of health and life to them. He may at times talk to the family enlarge for a greater commitment and care from family members towards the treatment regime.

siddha herbal treatment

Some of the illnesses that Guruji has handled are Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Heart Problems, Kidney Problems, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Skin Ailments and Joint Related Pain.

Some of the practices he employs in treatment are diet control, herbal medication, oil and heat treatment and spiritual guidance.

His grace’s medical qualification is merely embellishment. However his qualifications are listed here for the record.

1. Qualification
  Herbal Medicine System
  Awarding Instituton
  Sri Kaapujandar Trust
(Govt. Regd No 106/99)
Ariyur Solakadu, Koli Hills
2. Qualification
  Associate Member of the Niamath Science Academy (AMNSA)
  Herbal Medicine:
Theory and Practice
  Awarding Instituton
  Niamath Science Academy,
Madras, India.
3. Qualification
  Member to Rural Health Society
  Awarding Instituton
  Rural Health Society, Kolkata
4. Qualification
  Registered Medical Practioner and Doctor
(Certificate of Registration)
Qualified person to practice in Alternative Medicine
  Awarding Instituton
  Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Affliated with the Open International University for Complementary Medicines, established under World Health Organisation Resolution No. 35/55/5/XII/80)
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Ecofriendly friday 5/31

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Mother (and Daughter) Earth

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Etsy Shop Revamp!

New Pictures, New design, New banner, New special!! Go check it out and let us know what you think: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MyLittleLeaf

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Local Honey.

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Request line.

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Stunt drivers who inspired my models. pierre j. lachance

 Paul Riddell

Imperial Stunt Drivers


Paul Riddell from Montreal, has been in the Thrill Show Business for more than 5 decades, He is a veteran for more than 50 years and is the #1 member of the family run touring show The Imperial Stunt Drivers hails from Charlie Belknap Hollywood stunt show, and he hails from Jack Kochman Auto Hell Drivers and, He hails from Lucky Teter when Jack bought out Lucky Teter’s equipment after he was killed in 1942 when he landed short, crashing into the landing ramp

In Paul’s career he has taught his children the stunt show business, including his youngest Ashley and Derrick who now are performing death defying feats in the summer. You can see Paul perform with his traveling stunt troupe in 2006, as the Imperial Stunt Drivers comes to a county fair near you.

Paul Riddell has the only touring thrill show with brand New Ford Mustang G.T.’s

Paul has owned a thrill shows every year since the early 60’s. And is one of North America’s #1 precision drivers at bumper to bumper at speeds exceeding 70mph on dirt tracks in stock automobiles. He is the one of the best 2 wheel driving performers (hi-skis) from Canada skiing a Ford pick-up over 1/2 mile at times on the dirt harness racing tracks at local fairs and expositions.

 Imperial Stunt Drivers

Pictured here is Paul Riddell driving a pick-up truck on 2 wheels while performing Hi-skiis with his oldest son Greg standing on the side of the pickup as it speeds down the race track.



 Imperial Stunt Drivers

Pictured  to the left is Paul leading Tonny Petersen in high speed 2 car Hell Driving with 2005 Ford Mustangs at speeds reaching 65 mph.


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Soma total wellness


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You will create new, healthy pathways that allow you to reach your goals, build your self-esteem, increase your confidence, and help you to live a healthier, fuller life. Through the ages, wisdom has told us that the mind holds the key to transformation. Buddha stated, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

You are the only person in control of your mind, health, attitudes, and choices. Through hypnosis, you will break free from old thought patterns and release emotional baggage!

Personalized Individual Sessions

Through intake and discussion, your needs will be evaluated and you will be assisted in formulating your goal statement. Then a personalized hypnotherapy program will be designed to assist you in achieving your success.

Programs are designed for effectiveness on many levels, such as: starting new behaviors and habits, releasing old, negative feelings and creating positive, healthy attitudes, and finding new ways to look at life in order to achieve greater balance and healthier ways to respond to life’s changes.
These personalized sessions will also include a free hypnotherapy reinforcement CD, created by Diana especially for you, to continue creating new pathways for success.
First time clients will receive a free, half-hour initial consultation in person. Email and phone inquiries for more information are welcome at no charge.

Workshops – $30 for a 90 minute workshop including hypnosis*
Individual Session – 00 per hour with first half hour consultation free*
*Prices may vary depending on number of people and type of session/workshop

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Interpol – Untitled
Ride – Leave them all behind
Portishead – Half Day Closing
The Smiths – What Difference Does it Make?
Kevin Shields – City Girl
PJ Harvey – Big Exit
Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #3 (Lights Out)
Nirvana – In Bloom
AC/DC – Back in Black
The Clash – Rock the Casbah
A collection of  people’s favourite songs
Yellow Leadbetter – Pearl Jam
Soul to Squeeze – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins
Rotten Apple – Alice in Chains
If God Will Send His Angels – U2
Lithium – Nirvana
Lucky – Radiohead
Fade to Black – Metallica
Wild Horses – Rolling Stones
Everybody Hurts – REM
Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack
Everybody Loves The Sunshine –  Roy Ayers
Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nivana
Go – Moby
Lady Day and John Coltrane – Gill Scott Heron
X Factor – Lauren Hill
Karma Police – Radiohead
Redemption Song – Bob Marley
Play Dead – Bjork
Hip Hop – Dead Prez
Exit music (for a film) Radiohead- Played by Brad Mehldau
Volcano- Damien Rice
Ordinary People – John Legend  
Western Eyes- Portishead
Rabbit In Your Headlights- U.N.K.L.E
Visions – Stevie Wonder
Ain’t You The One  I’ve Been Looking For-Fried  
Morning Song – Zero Seven
Don’t Look Back In Anger -Carleen Anderson
Perdido – Jazz Philmonic featuring Charlie Parker
Gene Clark – On A Misty Morning
Tim Rose – Morning Dew
Johnny Cash – Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Nicolai Dunger & Will Oldham – Truth About The Blues
Curtis Mayfield – Kung Fu
Big Star – Watch The Sun Rise
Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City
Steel Pulse – Handsworth Revolution
Ewan MacColl – Nobody Knew She Was There
Van Morrison – Wonderful Remark
Debaser- The Pixies
Watermark- The Weaker Thans
1976- RJD2
Once Around the Block- Badly Drawn Boy
Happiness is all the Rage- The Promise Ring
Close to Me- The Cure
Night Swimming- R.E.M.
Send Me on My Way- Rusted Root
Sixteen Military Wives- The Decemberists
Raspberry Beret- Prince
Cannonball – The Breeders
Scentless Apprentice –Nirvana
Unison – Bjork
Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
Hurt – Johnny Cash
Scar Tissue – RHCP
Into Dust – Mazzy Star
Beat City – The Raveonettes
All Things Ordinary – The Anniversary
New Slough – The Blue Van
Only Love Will Break Your Heart – Neil Young
God Killed The Queen – Louis XIV
Lonely Blue – Don Cooper
Stay Where You Are – Ambulance Ltd
Circus – The Sights
Spanish Eyes – Robbers On High Street
Life’s A Gas – T-Rex
God Knows – Mando Diao
Talking Bout My Baby – Jimmy Mcgriff
Do You Realise? –  Flaming Lips
It’s A Shame – The Spinners
Circus – The Sights
God Knows – Mando Diao
Love On The Ground – Robbers On High Street
Like It This Way – Fleetwood Mac
Goodnight Goodnight – Hot Hot Heat
The Cheater  – The Faces
Before They Make Me Run – The Rolling Stones
Chicken Fat – Mel Brown
The Greatest White Liar – Nic Armstrong
‘Passion’ by Dee Sekar
Sleepflower- Manic Street Preachers (absolutley my fave song ever ever ever)
Let Down – Radiohead (soundtrack to my missspent youth)
Turn it On – Sleater Kinney (amaaaazing chick rock)
Soma – Smashing Pumpkins (!!!!! My No 1’s)
Delicate – Damien Rice (God this boy got soul…mine.)
Scared of all the world – Glitterbox (one album wonders, dead kooky and visual )
Dozen Wicked Words – Longpigs (another short burning flame, gorgeous songs )
Sliver – Nirvana (Obvious innit. songs everyone wishes they’d written)
Black Eyed Dog – Nick Drake (Bloody Genius, one for my winters)
Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley (Can’t go very long without listening to this guy, so
damn good he hurts)
Angry Anymore – Ani Difranco
You Don’t Know What You Do To Me – Longview
Sweet Carolina – Ryan Adams
If You See The Man – Astrid Williamson (hidden track on Boy For You album)
Geek USA – The Smashing Pumpkins
The Parting Glass – The Voice Squad
Raining In Darling – Bonnie Prince Billy
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Ill Communication – Beastie Boys
Battle of Who Could Care Less – Ben Folds Five
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Something – The Beatles
Get up (I feel like being a Sex Machine)- James Brown
Mockingbird – Ryan Adams
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Love In A Trashcan – The Raveonettes (mmm Sharin…..x)
New Slang – The Shins
The Only Living Boy In New York – Simon And Garfunkel
Killamangiro – Babyshambles
First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes
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Jennifer’s Jacket – PUSA
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