15 Feb

How To Stop From Getting Genital Warts

Are you noticing tiny clusters of masses around your genital area? These might be genital warts! Genital warts, or otherwise known as the venereal warts, are contagious diseases transmitted sexually. Human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD), is the common cause of these warts. These warts may be raised or flat; large or small. Most of the time, they are clustered looking just like a cauliflower on a man’s penis or surrounding the woman’s vulva, however they may also be located around the anus area.

For those who enjoy having unsafe sex, be stunned! Genital warts are contagious; these may be effortlessly transmitted by person infected through sexual contacts whether it’s oral, vaginal, and anal. If these warts are left untreated, these warts may become a source of worry especially for women who are likely to have problems with the cervix such as the cervical cancer.

Since these kinds of warts are at most painless, someone may not notice the presence of this problem right away. It might sometimes take a number of months, even years before anybody could become aware of it. So before anyone could take a step to combat these disgusting skin disease, other worse complications have already taken place.

So, what is the most effective way to stay away from these ugly looking warts? It is a necessity for you to have consultation with your doctor for immediate diagnosis if you are a carrier, and ask for immediate treatment that can take care of the complication.

You may start the prevention with abstinence from sex. It is the most effective way, so far. Abstaining from sex, however, would be too difficult. Everyone engages in sex, even the teens. Let’s consider it a fact, not unless we are monks.

You may feel uneasy with abstinence from sex (as any sexually actives are), you can choose medical treatment. Many vaccines approved for the human pappilomavirus prevention are now on hand, you could ask your doctor about it. Asking them the proper guidance on safe sex will be more beneficial on your part. These are good preventive measures.

For carriers, they need not to worry. Some treatment techniques can now be used. These can be in the form of surgical operations like excision, and electrocautery or electro surgery. Cryosurgery, Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) and Laser therapy are also available.

Non surgical techniques for genital warts treatment are also made available. These may come in the form of solutions, creams, and ointments. The use of these, however, ought to be completed under the care of the authorized medical professionals, to arm you with the necessary information that you will need prior to its application. Genital warts are not really that alarming at first glance. But beware! You do not desire to keep suffering from this problem, do you?

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