12 Feb

Childhood Cancer And Them Treatment

Cancer is formed when the normal cells change and grow uncontrollably. In most of the type of cancer these cells forms a mass called tumor. Tumor are of two types benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous i.e. it can spread other parts of the body). Childhood cancer is very rare, it more often found in adults. Cancer in childhood generally forms in the parts of the body that are still growing like blood system, brain, nervous system and kidney. Most of the time there is no known behind the cancer in children. However, there are a lot of research going on the causes of childhood cancer and its treatment. Childhood cancer behaves very differently than that of the cancer in adults. Despite of the fact that cancer rarely develops in children, it is the one of the leading cause of the death in childhood.

The type of cancer that forms in children vary greatly fr4om those seen in adults. The common childhood cancers are leukemia, brain and other system tumor, kidney cancer, lymphoma cancer i.e. cancer in lymph, soft tissue sarcoma, eye cancer and bone cancer. Leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer, develops in 1/3 of the children. There is no single leading cause of the childhood cancer, scientists believe that several factors like genetic, environmental and constitutional factor that causes cancer among children. Childhood cancer develops in the stem sell; these are the simple cell and capable of producing other cell that body needed. Change and the mutation in the sporadic cell is what cause cancer in the children.

Some cancer especially in adults are formed due to repetitive exposure towards risk factors. Risk factor is not the actual cause of the disease but it is the factor that increases the chances of development of disease by making the body less resistant to it. Lifestyle, smoking, high- fat- diet and working with toxic chemicals are few of the factors that trigger the risk of cancer. Cancer in children can be genetic, it can be inherited. Therefore, family history does matters. Environmental exposures such as pesticides, fertilizers and power lines have been researched for a direct link to childhood cancer.

Child in the early stage of cancer may show symptoms like lethargy, weakness, paleness, dizziness, repeated frequent infection along with leg, back and joint pains, headache. Child can become irritable, weak, s/he can develop fever that lasts for several days. There may be loss of appetite at an early stage of childhood cancer. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of flu therefore, diagnose becomes more tough. Sometimes doctor might spot early symptoms of cancer during regular checkups. Therefore, it is essential to get a routine checkup to seek for the early treatment.

Factors that trigger cancer in child are different from those adults and so does the diagnosis and treatments. When the childhood cancer is diagnosed it is important for the parents to seek for the best doctor specialized pediatric oncology.

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