09 Feb

Information on Neutering Your Dog

Not all owners are convinced whether they should neuter or not neuter their dogs. In the end, it is a personal preference for all dog owners. This article will give you some more information on the benefits and disadvantages of neutering your dog.

Neutering your dog involves a surgical process where the reproductive organs of the male dog are removed by a surgical procedure. The process for female dogs is known as spaying. There are a lot of debates going on around this topic, and whether there procedures are good or bad for your dog.

This procedure does have a useful function, and that is to limit the stray dog population that does tend to get out of hand. This is enough reason to continue with these procedures. A lot of dog owners feel that the surgery will cause a lot of pain for their dog and lead to permanent damage, and that is the main reason that they do not want to go ahead with this.

The procedure is however not very difficult, and a specialist vet will tell you that the trauma surrounding the surgery will not last for longer than 48 hours. The surgical procedure will also not hinder the overall comfort of your beloved dog. The best age for having this procedure is during the first few weeks of the life of your dog. Although it can be done at any time in the life of your dog, the older they get, the more complications there might be.

Some of the benefits of this procedure include the fact that there will be fewer pressures on dog homes; it will help with the population management of stray dogs and a few others that are even more important than these. The possibility that a dog that has been neutered will cross the road and get hit by a car while following a female dog, is nil. Just think of a dog that is trying to cross a busy street, apart from injuring himself, it can also lead so a serious accident that involves other people.

The surgical process will involve the taking out of the testicles, and as an effect of this, the testosterone level in blood flow of the dog will decline. You will also find that your dog will have a much more sociable nature, and will also be more appropriate for a family that has little kids. A lot of behavioral problems such as jumping and fighting with other dogs will also are lessened significantly.

The possibility of testicular cancer will also be ruled out by having this procedure done. Some studies have however connected the neutering process with prostrate problems.

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