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Garlic and parsley, super foods for your health

Parsley is native to southern and eastern Europe and Minor Asia. Egyptians used it as a deodorant. Parsley can be considered “green health” or “food-drug” because it is used in everything: roots, leaves and seeds. Make culinary preparations looking attractive and removes odors (due to chlorophyll), such as garlic. All the preparations can be flavored with parsley and the taste of salt is corrected: salads, steamed vegetables, meat (beef, poultry, fish), eggs, soups, broths, sauces. It is good to have it permanently fresh in the fridge, in summer or winter. Stored in light oxidizes quickly.
Chemical composition of fresh parsley (100 g): water – 8.3 g; protein – 3.7 g, fat – 0.6 g; dietary fiber – 5.6 g; Iron – 4.2 mg; Calcium – 220 mg; sodium – 20 mg, potassium – 670 mg; Phosphorus – 75 mg; Vitamin C 160 mg; folic acid – 129 ųg; vitamin B6, E , D, energy – 20 kcal.

Properties: appetizers, nourishing; stimulants: general and nervous, vermifuge, vasodilatory, antiscorbutic, anticancer, diuretic, antianaemic, etc. It is antitoxic and capillary regenerator. Help in gallbladder atony and diabetes.

The leaves are vasodilators, as recommended in the regulation of the circulatory system, maintaining good health of blood vessels and capillaries. Being a diuretic and containing apiol and stimulating uric acid elimination, has depurative effect on the blood, making it useful in treating gout, anemia and rheumatism. It is an antiseptic not only of blood, but the intestines. Exercise and has an action against pinworms. Maintain the normal functioning of thyroid and adrenalin.

Because contains a lot of calcium it is indicated in rickets or tuberculosis. Because of vitamin A from composition, increases resistance to hernias. Because of iron is antianaemic, help growing lack of appetite, delay aging. It is a good general and nervous stimulant; stimulates smooth muscle fibers (intestinal, urinary, biliary, and uterine), help in fatigue and nervousness. Vitamins A, C and amino acid “histidine” from parsley helps to prevent cancer. Parsley inhibits histamine secretion, which can trigger allergies.
Fresh parsley has properties for oxygen metabolism. Herbs contain antioxidants (vitamin E!) that has preventive role in the formation of peroxides that can cause biological damage to cells. Parsley helps genitourinary ways, regulates menstrual periods, cure kidney inflammation, regulates the flow of urine and remove the bladder or prostate pains.
Warning! Used in large amounts can cause abortion (because of apiol) in pregnant women and young mothers are vulnerable to stop breastfeeding.
Garlic can be called super hero of the plants. If you turn garlic into the best friend you rarely meet with the doctor. Many people are afraid to eat garlic because of the smell and burns, but it is tasty and has healthy smell. Stench of this plant kills germs and viruses at a distance of 20 centimeters, informs Garlic Party. It is also one of the few plants that contain sulfur, a vital element for metabolism. Allicin in garlic fight cancer and combat stress. It kills bacteria and is not bad for your body. Numerous studies have shown that the number of people suffering from cancer is lower in countries that consume a lot of garlic, such as Egypt, India and China.

Garlic, for beauty and health
Garlic normalizes blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, stimulates the immune system, decreasing the chances of cancer or of developing tumors, reduces cholesterol levels and reduces type I and II diabetes.
Garlic for your heart

Do you stay away from the smell of garlic? Rather than give up this plant, try to neutralize the smell of garlic by eating parsley, chewing coffee beans or using dental floss and mouthwash. Avoid chewing gum, it will intensify the smell. If you do not want to bother you family with the scent, convince them to eat garlic so you will not feel bad.

Many people prefer to take garlic in odorless capsule form. Such capsules are very practical and very useful for those who cannot stand the strong smell of garlic and cannot take a cure of fresh garlic. Garlic Caps is a 100% natural supplement made from Calivita International, based on concentrated extract of garlic and parsley in gelatin capsule form for better absorption. This product combines the properties of garlic and parsley in a single package easy to manage even for children.

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