02 Feb

Liver Cancer: Available Treatment and Preventions

In concurrent means of medical sciences, there is no concrete cure of liver cancer, except the transplantation. Liver transplant for cancer patients, who going through the last stage of the disease, is prescribed by the doctors and surgeons. Though, a great rise in the success rate of such surgeries has been witnessed in last few years, but still many cases with negative results are observed. These surgeries are performed after reviewing the health and blood data of the patient and the donor; and if there some important aspect is undervalued or misrepresented in the test report, there can be serious consequences on the health of patient.

Solutions Available for the Patient of Liver Cancer
Partial Hepatectomy – In most cases of liver cancer, partial hepatectomy is performed on the patient. In partial hepatectomy, only the affected part of the liver is removed from the body of the sufferer. This is done on a victim whose liver is partially functioning, and whose tumor has not grown into blood vessels. This surgery is never performed on end stage liver cancer patient.

Complete Transplant – When there are more than one tumor and the patient suffering from the last stage cancer, complete liver transplant is the only cure. One to three tumors cannot be removed by surgery, since the intensity level. For complete replacement, the biggest challenge is to find a suitable and healthy liver. It may take weeks and even months time to find a suitable liver for transplantation. Until the organ is discovered, the patient remains on medication.

Risks Associated with surgery

There are many health threats that a patient can possibly face. Bleeding is one of the major risks throughout and post operation. While performing partial hepatectomy, there are chances that the health of the patient and the treated organ may drop. In some cases, the remaining liver can also develop into cancer. Another risk is organ failure.

After the surgery, a patient may take a long time to fully recover because of the poor immune system. In addition, there are also likelihoods that the immune system does not tune up with the newly installed liver. And this could again lead to organ failure.

There are many methods of to treat liver cancer. One we have discussed in the article. And, others are radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and gastroenterology. In radiation therapy, some sort of radioactive material is used; while in chemotherapy and gastroenterology, doctors try to treat the patient with some specifically prepared medicines. Considering the condition of the sufferer, doctors may prescribe him/her more than one therapy.

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