25 Jan

Probable Causes Of Hair Loss

Every person treats hair as their best asset. We are easily attracted to lovely and beautiful hairs. At times, various hair treatments with different hairstyles are done to make a new and more pleasing look to our overall appearance. Self esteem increases when someone possessed a beautiful and shiny hair. Nowadays, trendy hairstyles are very popular especially the hair highlights, colors, etc. Hair is one of the most important parts of the head because it brings the totality of one’s appearance. It is very important to know how to take care of our hair thereby we should be responsible enough to find out if there are existing problems with regards to our hair. After identifying the real cause of hair falls or balding, then it would be easier to prevent, treat and manage. Awareness is the key to manage the ongoing problem so that you will be able to consult a physician earlier about it. Balding can be lifetime or temporary depending on the mere reason. Here are some of the possible reasons for hair loss.

Firstly, heredity is one of the unavoidable causes of hair loss. If baldness runs through the family members, then most likely you’ll have the chance to be the same. It is more difficult to manage since it is a natural action of your body. However, do not lose hope if you really want to grow your hair long because nowadays, so many treatments are available to counter baldness. Just consult the experts so that you can have the proper treatment plan and attain the long hair that you wished for.

Secondly, hormone is another factor that can contribute to hair loss. This occurs mostly to pregnant women due to hormonal changes while the fetus is developing. There might be minimal hair fall starting from the first trimester but it will return to its normal state when the baby is out since all hormone level in the pregnant women’s body will now be back to normal. Another example is the hormone imbalance of an individual suffering from thyroid problems like the goiter and thyroid storm. It usually occurs in both males and females wherein their estrogen and androgen levels are out of balance though these can be corrected with right medication to maintain the balance. When the hormone imbalance can be corrected by the guidance of a physician, there is a high possibility that your hair will refrain from thinning.

Thirdly, hair fall can also be triggered by different chemicals, dyes, colors, etc. that we put in our hair without rinsing it very well after using them. The roots of our hair are very sensitive and by putting chemical substances in it may cause damage to the natural growth of our hair which will lead to alteration. Therefore, hair loss progresses along the circumstances. Treatments like hot oil can also be a cause of hair fall. If you think that your hair is sensitive to these chemicals, better not to take the risk in using them. There are other natural ways to make our hair more beautiful. Consult an expert about it.

Lastly, medication has the greatest possibility in causing baldness to a person especially if it is a cancer or chemotherapy drugs. This will really lead the person to have alopecia. Cancer medications are very potent chemicals that could even destroy the healthy cells of our body that it why, there is really an evident hair loss after undergoing chemotherapy.

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