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siddha treatment at thabavanam ashram

Our mission at Siddha Treatment Centre in Thabavanam Ashram is to restore and maintain health and well being of our patients through this ancient Hindu remedy called Siddha Medicine.

siddha Medicine

This Siddha Treatment is timeless, ageless curing diseases for time immemorial to this present age! In short, it uses spiritual cosmic energy and mother nature. Today we have various methodology of cure such as allopathic, homeopathy, naturopathy, ayurvedic, and many more. The unique difference is, Siddha treatment is carried out by Siddhars, people who have attained yogic siddhi power by severe penance, renunciation and pranayama (breathing exercise) to control and transcend time and space by profound meditational practice. They should also be well verse in the art of deathless living!

His Grace Sri Roma Rishi Siddhar Manimantra Ausagar Srila Sri Essana Siava Subramaniayar Swamigal
Radiant Healing Light

Guruji is a qualified and experienced practitioner. He is very passionate, committed and dedicated to make a difference in curing all aliments that are medically incurable. The success in ensured, If the treatment begins in the early phase of diagnosis rather then prolonged and unsuccessful trial-on-basis form of treatment by other treatment practices. For example diabetes, heart diseases, HIV-related diseases, cancers, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s diseases, Muscular Dystrophy and many more!

His Grace Sri Roma Rishi Siddhar believes that the causative factor of any diseases, ailments or malfunction of a body actually due to karma which arises from one’s own action. So the patients are made aware of the cause and effect of their ailment. And if they are satisfied with the explanation, He will slowly and carefully educate, reveal the art of enhancing and improving the quality of health and life to them. He may at times talk to the family enlarge for a greater commitment and care from family members towards the treatment regime.

siddha herbal treatment

Some of the illnesses that Guruji has handled are Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Heart Problems, Kidney Problems, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Skin Ailments and Joint Related Pain.

Some of the practices he employs in treatment are diet control, herbal medication, oil and heat treatment and spiritual guidance.

His grace’s medical qualification is merely embellishment. However his qualifications are listed here for the record.

1. Qualification
  Herbal Medicine System
  Awarding Instituton
  Sri Kaapujandar Trust
(Govt. Regd No 106/99)
Ariyur Solakadu, Koli Hills
2. Qualification
  Associate Member of the Niamath Science Academy (AMNSA)
  Herbal Medicine:
Theory and Practice
  Awarding Instituton
  Niamath Science Academy,
Madras, India.
3. Qualification
  Member to Rural Health Society
  Awarding Instituton
  Rural Health Society, Kolkata
4. Qualification
  Registered Medical Practioner and Doctor
(Certificate of Registration)
Qualified person to practice in Alternative Medicine
  Awarding Instituton
  Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Affliated with the Open International University for Complementary Medicines, established under World Health Organisation Resolution No. 35/55/5/XII/80)

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