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Stunt drivers who inspired my models. pierre j. lachance

 Paul Riddell

Imperial Stunt Drivers


Paul Riddell from Montreal, has been in the Thrill Show Business for more than 5 decades, He is a veteran for more than 50 years and is the #1 member of the family run touring show The Imperial Stunt Drivers hails from Charlie Belknap Hollywood stunt show, and he hails from Jack Kochman Auto Hell Drivers and, He hails from Lucky Teter when Jack bought out Lucky Teter’s equipment after he was killed in 1942 when he landed short, crashing into the landing ramp

In Paul’s career he has taught his children the stunt show business, including his youngest Ashley and Derrick who now are performing death defying feats in the summer. You can see Paul perform with his traveling stunt troupe in 2006, as the Imperial Stunt Drivers comes to a county fair near you.

Paul Riddell has the only touring thrill show with brand New Ford Mustang G.T.’s

Paul has owned a thrill shows every year since the early 60’s. And is one of North America’s #1 precision drivers at bumper to bumper at speeds exceeding 70mph on dirt tracks in stock automobiles. He is the one of the best 2 wheel driving performers (hi-skis) from Canada skiing a Ford pick-up over 1/2 mile at times on the dirt harness racing tracks at local fairs and expositions.

 Imperial Stunt Drivers

Pictured here is Paul Riddell driving a pick-up truck on 2 wheels while performing Hi-skiis with his oldest son Greg standing on the side of the pickup as it speeds down the race track.



 Imperial Stunt Drivers

Pictured  to the left is Paul leading Tonny Petersen in high speed 2 car Hell Driving with 2005 Ford Mustangs at speeds reaching 65 mph.


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