25 Nov

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Adjustable Beds

A new dimension in comfort and luxury.

Electrically adjustable beds are no longer for the elderly or the infirmed. Thousands of people have discovered a new way to pamper themselves each and every night on one of our beds. We have been helping people realize the value of a good night’s sleep for over 30 years in Dallas, TX. Now we bring our know-how, experience and an understanding of the importance of our customers to the Internet. We believe our adjustable beds are the highest quality, most reliable available today, with features that
knowledgeable customers have come to expect in a luxury bedding product. Such as:

  • Corded and cordless hand control options
  • Fine quality mattresses in innerspring, latex foam and memory foam with firmnesses that will suit your sleeping habits.
  • Features such as one touch FLAT, programmable favorite position, dual variable speed massage systems
  • Robust and reliable dual lift motors
  • Durable, welded steel frame construction
  • Warranties that are the best in the industry.

We are a family owned and operated business, open when it suits YOU. Try us. Call us any time on our 800 number….no voice mail, no menus, no sales hype, just members of my family, each of whom are
knowledgeable and can attend to your needs when you call.

We have delivery available in most areas. Our adjustable beds come in all the standard sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and Dual King at very competitive prices. We think you are buying our knowledge and integrity, in addition to a fine bed and we take our
responsibilities to our customer’s very seriously. Call us today. ASK FOR RON. We will show our appreciation for your business by earning your trust and your respect.

Adjustable Bed Sales & Service


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