13 Nov

Kw digitaleve – list rules


DigitalEve List Rules

The KW DigitalEve list is for women interested in new
media and the Internet. Any discussion or questions MUST centre around
and be limited to technical issues. Topics related to computer usage,
internet usage, graphic design, task management or task completion are
encouraged. Issues pertaining to employment, gaining employment or developing
skills in this field are also welcome.

Recognizing the technology-only focus may alienate
some members, this policy has been formalized and finalized for a myriad
of reasons. We’re sorry if you choose to unsubscribe from KW DigitalEve
because of this focus; we aim to be exactly what we advertise ourselves
as: a networking and learning resource for women in and interested in
new media and the Internet.

What is not acceptable: any posts
that you would not bring up in the middle of a project at your work
place or class, is a good indication that it is not permitted here.

Specifics include:

  1. Any discriminatory comments that refer to race,
    age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political persuasion, body
    type, physical or mental health and or access issues.
  2. Arguing with or flaming other subscribers.
  3. SPAM: none of us have time to read advertisements
    in our mailboxes. DEvas may refer to their own sites, businesses,
    products or services when relevant to the discussion, but not to pyramid
    schemes, mass mailings, etc. From time to time a Steering Committee
    member may forward a word from our sponsors to the list, but this
    is in recognition of a sponsorship arrangement that supports DEvas’
    training, outreach and social events.
  4. Illegal conduct or conduct that threatens the safety,
    privacy, or integrity of other members of the list.
  5. Any comments of a libelous nature are not allowed.
    This list is not a place to rant. Thoughtful reviews of products and
    services are allowed, ie. “poor reviews”, but bad-mouthing is not
  6. Any information about the members on this List is
    not to be shared outside of this List without the permission of the
    person involved.
  7. Please DO NOT put on display or show any messages
    from this List to outsiders without first REMOVING all HEADERS —
    email addresses and information within this List is private and only
    meant for KWDE List subscribers.

Violation Procedures:

Email traffic that violates guideline points 1 & 2
will result in immediate unsubscription from the list. Violations of
points 3, 4 and 5 will be served with a warning on first and second
offenses by the manager or another member of the SC. Third offenses
will be dealt with by an immediate suspension from the list pending
discussion among the steering committee members. The KW DigitalEve steering
committee reserves the right to determine what suspension is appropriate
for each offense.


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