29 Oct

Red wine protects the heart, two or three glasses a day

A review article on recent studies on red wine and cardiovascular health 58 shows two glasses of red wine a day, drinking is good for the heart, according to a Yale School of Medicine researchers in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. The current opinion is that it is not just alcohol, but something else, Sump said Bauer, MD, professor and section head of vascular surgery at the University Hospital for surgery.
Cardiovascular point of view. He said the researchers tried to identify because red wine has a cardiovascular protective effect found since the discovery of so-called French Paradox, in 1992 when researchers at a mortality rate of 40 per cent lower for ischemic heart disease among men in France, despite the high level of saturated fat in their diet. Sumpsaid there are several studies showing drinking two vor three ounces of alcohol per day has a positive effect, but more than that and the alcohol begins to have a negative impact on health.
to drink some benefit from spirits and beers, but an overwhelming benefit of red wine. His laboratory found polyphenols, minus the alcohol, are powerful antioxidants. Polyphenols are also found in fruits, especially berries and green tea and chocolate. Antioxidants to slow cell deterioration. Polyphenols also prevent the build up of plaque in smooth muscle cells and inhibit platelet formation, which can cause the formation of blood clots.
Property would be a great contribution to society, Sump said. Co-authors Alfredo Cordova, MD, The Scienya Jackson, MD, and David Berke-Schlessel,of Yale University. The research was funded in part by the American Foundation for the preservation of the limb. J. Amer. College of Surgeons 200: 428-439 (March 2005) Contact: Jacqueline Weaver 203-432-8555 jacqueline.weaveryale.edu Yale University, Yale University.diflucan amex

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