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Christeta Comerford, the Executive White-House-Chef shares
the same beliefs as does First Lady Michelle-Obama of the
United States.

In terms of eating what is good for you and coupled with her
abundance of culinary skills, there will be even more of an
opportunity to create healthy dishes from the produce from
the new White House Garden.

The newly established garden was started in March 2009, since
Mrs. Obama expressed her desire to promote healthy eating
habits, not just for her own family, but in the interests of
gardening opportunities for communities as well.

This was welcomed news to the Public, and ground was broken
with the help of twenty-five students invited to the South
Lawn to participate.

The kids were provided with an assortment of shovels and
additional gardening tools to aid them in digging in.

They were praised for their efforts, and encouraged to
eat fruits and vegetables whenever they had the chance.

White-House-Chef Bill Yosses, who makes the pastry, provided
sugar cookies made in the shape of shovels. The children
were also treated to apples and apple cider.

This garden will be big. Over 1,000 square feet.

An assortment of vegetables, herbs and berries consisting
of rhubarb, carrots, lettuce, fennel, squash, cucumbers and
peppers to name a few, will be planted. They may even have
a beehive as well.

They plan to compost (of course) and use whatever organic
resources available.

All staff, including the Obama family, will be expected to
participate in making the garden successful.

Mrs. Comerford, the Executive White-House-Chef is well prepared to handle the responsibilities and demands of her job.

She arrived from the Phillipines at a young age, and worked
at numerous hotels and restaurants as a Chef. She spent a
a short time in Vienna, and later was recruited by the then
Executive Chef at the White House in 1995.

She was appointed by Laura Bush as Executive Chef after the
resignation of Walter Scheib. She is actually the first
female-executive to hold this job.

Impressed by their similar beliefs in healthy foods, the new
Administration announced that Mrs. Comerford would remain
as Head White-House-Chef. She, along with other White House
Chef staffers will use the produce to not only prepare dishes
for the Obama family and for official functions, but much of
the produce will be given to a nearby Soup Kitchen as well.

And, as for the children who helped restart a garden that
hasn’t been in existence since the days of Eleanor Roosevelt?

They will be invited back to help with the stages of the
gardening process. They will even get some cooking lessons.

This garden is a message to everyone that it really is
important what we eat and eating healthy can help to avoid
health problems later. It’s a symbol for getting back to
“the earth” and making use of your resources.

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