15 Feb

How To Stop From Getting Genital Warts

Are you noticing tiny clusters of masses around your genital area? These might be genital warts! Genital warts, or otherwise known as the venereal warts, are contagious diseases transmitted sexually. Human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD), is the common cause of these warts. These warts may be raised or flat; large or small. Most of the time, they are clustered looking just like a cauliflower on a man’s penis or surrounding the woman’s vulva, however they may also be located around the anus area.

For those who enjoy having unsafe sex, be stunned! Genital warts are contagious; these may be effortlessly transmitted by person infected through sexual contacts whether it’s oral, vaginal, and anal. If these warts are left untreated, these warts may become a source of worry especially for women who are likely to have problems with the cervix such as the cervical cancer.

Since these kinds of warts are at most painless, someone may not notice the presence of this problem right away. It might sometimes take a number of months, even years before anybody could become aware of it. So before anyone could take a step to combat these disgusting skin disease, other worse complications have already taken place.

So, what is the most effective way to stay away from these ugly looking warts? It is a necessity for you to have consultation with your doctor for immediate diagnosis if you are a carrier, and ask for immediate treatment that can take care of the complication.

You may start the prevention with abstinence from sex. It is the most effective way, so far. Abstaining from sex, however, would be too difficult. Everyone engages in sex, even the teens. Let’s consider it a fact, not unless we are monks.

You may feel uneasy with abstinence from sex (as any sexually actives are), you can choose medical treatment. Many vaccines approved for the human pappilomavirus prevention are now on hand, you could ask your doctor about it. Asking them the proper guidance on safe sex will be more beneficial on your part. These are good preventive measures.

For carriers, they need not to worry. Some treatment techniques can now be used. These can be in the form of surgical operations like excision, and electrocautery or electro surgery. Cryosurgery, Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) and Laser therapy are also available.

Non surgical techniques for genital warts treatment are also made available. These may come in the form of solutions, creams, and ointments. The use of these, however, ought to be completed under the care of the authorized medical professionals, to arm you with the necessary information that you will need prior to its application. Genital warts are not really that alarming at first glance. But beware! You do not desire to keep suffering from this problem, do you?

14 Feb

Can anti aging creams help you lose wrinkles?

Every year, Americans spend over $ 12 billion on products to hide or reduce the signs of aging. With Americas preoccupation of looking young, this industry has become a booming market for those attempting to defy nature.

If it is so difficult to find a good quality skin care product then what’s the solution? The solution is to look out for products that contain actually effective and useful ingredients. These substances are found in nature in the form of herbal extracts, antioxidants and essential oils that are truly beneficial for all kinds of skin related problems and illnesses.

Remember that you need to research on the effectiveness of the ingredients in the anti aging wrinkle creams to see if they would bring positive results. This can be done by reading about various ingredients on the internet. Some of the most noteworthy ingredients that should be part of any skin care cream made for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines are Phytessence Wakame, CynergyTK and CoQ10.

If used with care, anti-wrinkle creams can rejuvenate your skin and make it look like you are years younger. However, the easiest form of skin care is to avoid factors that cause premature aging on your skin. Staying away from suntan beds, avoiding unprotected exposure to the sun, and smoking can greatly reduce untimely wrinkles on your skin. These factors could give you wrinkles as early as your late teens if not avoided. You could also watch out for your facial habits that could cause creases on your skin, and re-train your facial muscles to move differently.

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13 Feb

Probably The Most Important Prostate Cancer Facts

If you are worried about prostate cancer, or creating one in the moment, then it will assist you to know many of the most vital prostate cancer facts. To begin with, this illness occurs inside the prostate gland which is an exocrine gland that stores seminal fluid in the body. You’ll find certain factors for prostate cancer, and also the most prominent would basically be race, age, and particular genetic and environmental factors. In case you are African-American or older, there’s a higher threat for this sort of cancer.

History plays a major role inside the race for prostate cancer. If one of your family member essentially doubles, and if you have another loved one, it could be 5 to 7 times the threat of prostate cancer. Certain genetic chromosomes are involved in prostate cancer genesis. A number of the symptoms of this kind of cancer incorporate urinary frequency, blood in the urine, and difficulty urinating. From time to time, there could also be discomfort as a result of severe obstruction.

There are many controversies in the detection or screening for prostate cancer. Mainly the American Cancer Society and Neurological Society recommends prostate screening at the least every single year having a digital rectal examination. You will discover various alternatives that are available right now plus the normal selections would incorporate surgery which is radical prostatectomy; either robotic or laparoscopic. There’s also external beam radiation, insertion of seeds or interstitial seed implant, freezing the tumor, and others.

Among the several possibilities, depending on the tumor grade, the achievement rate is 80¬¬-85% remedy. The mortality from prostate cancer is actually very reasonable or low. The incidence of prostate cancer is about 286,000 instances each year, and 26,000 men would die from prostate cancer which is considerably lower as compared to other cancers.

Change inside your diet, in particular low-fat diet program, staying active with workout, and eating a good deal more vegetables and drinking soy would support decrease your risks for prostate cancer. But if ever you might be identified with this type of cancer, you may also go to the oncologist for assistance. The role of the oncologist is always to assist patients recognize the disease and alternatives.

Based on the studies, in case you go to a neurologist, you might get surgery. Should you go to a radiation oncologist, you get radiation. So the oncologist would be the main arbiter in helping the patient goes one direction or another. There are oncologists who’ve been involved in numerous studies including vaccine, newer chemotherapies for late-stage prostate cancer, and prevention studies. All these studies are completed in collaboration with disciplinary teams.

In regards to prostate cancer, there may be collaboration between the neurologist, the oncologist, as well as the radiation oncologist. These disciplinary teams will fundamentally tell you that they will objectively enable you to understand the illness. It can be also extremely crucial to know by far the most important prostate cancer facts before generating a selection in remedy. Most locations may well involve surgery, and it may not be necessary in some instances.

12 Feb

Childhood Cancer And Them Treatment

Cancer is formed when the normal cells change and grow uncontrollably. In most of the type of cancer these cells forms a mass called tumor. Tumor are of two types benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous i.e. it can spread other parts of the body). Childhood cancer is very rare, it more often found in adults. Cancer in childhood generally forms in the parts of the body that are still growing like blood system, brain, nervous system and kidney. Most of the time there is no known behind the cancer in children. However, there are a lot of research going on the causes of childhood cancer and its treatment. Childhood cancer behaves very differently than that of the cancer in adults. Despite of the fact that cancer rarely develops in children, it is the one of the leading cause of the death in childhood.

The type of cancer that forms in children vary greatly fr4om those seen in adults. The common childhood cancers are leukemia, brain and other system tumor, kidney cancer, lymphoma cancer i.e. cancer in lymph, soft tissue sarcoma, eye cancer and bone cancer. Leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer, develops in 1/3 of the children. There is no single leading cause of the childhood cancer, scientists believe that several factors like genetic, environmental and constitutional factor that causes cancer among children. Childhood cancer develops in the stem sell; these are the simple cell and capable of producing other cell that body needed. Change and the mutation in the sporadic cell is what cause cancer in the children.

Some cancer especially in adults are formed due to repetitive exposure towards risk factors. Risk factor is not the actual cause of the disease but it is the factor that increases the chances of development of disease by making the body less resistant to it. Lifestyle, smoking, high- fat- diet and working with toxic chemicals are few of the factors that trigger the risk of cancer. Cancer in children can be genetic, it can be inherited. Therefore, family history does matters. Environmental exposures such as pesticides, fertilizers and power lines have been researched for a direct link to childhood cancer.

Child in the early stage of cancer may show symptoms like lethargy, weakness, paleness, dizziness, repeated frequent infection along with leg, back and joint pains, headache. Child can become irritable, weak, s/he can develop fever that lasts for several days. There may be loss of appetite at an early stage of childhood cancer. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of flu therefore, diagnose becomes more tough. Sometimes doctor might spot early symptoms of cancer during regular checkups. Therefore, it is essential to get a routine checkup to seek for the early treatment.

Factors that trigger cancer in child are different from those adults and so does the diagnosis and treatments. When the childhood cancer is diagnosed it is important for the parents to seek for the best doctor specialized pediatric oncology.

12 Feb

Terahertz medical imaging – a major impact on healthcare

Terahertz Medical Imaging
New methods have been developed for a wide range of medical markets. The new technology makes use of electromagnetic radiation at terahertz frequencies.

Terahertz pulsed imaging, also referred to as TPI TM, can recognise spectral fingerprints, meaning it has the potential to provide good contrast between different types of soft tissue. It can detect the degree of water content as well as other makers of cancer.

The system was developed to image basal cell cancer, a common form of skin cancer which is invisible to the naked eye.

Terahertz Imaging Modules
Modules such as the TPI imaga 2000 have 3D – 360° volumetric imaging of intact tablet coatings and cores. It has the ability to determine the thickness, uniformity, distribution and coverage of simple and complex coatings. TPI imaga and many other modules have been used to study a wide variety of biological materials.

TPI imaging is a non-ionizing, non-destructive technique. It has recently been used in reflection geometry to uncover and categorise the terahertz properties of several organ samples freshly harvested from laboratory rats. In a short time frame, scientists were able to discover a range of differences between tissue types. The results concluded that TPI imaging modules can effectively differentiate between tissue types, non-invasively.

Reflectance imaging modules have the ability to convert other modules, such as the TPS Spectra 3000, into flat bed imaging systems. Samples are placed on the unit and raster scanned using a unique, software controlled, motorised scanning table. Using other specialist imaging and data analysis software, thickness maps can be generated through collected data. This allows medical experts to detect physical features, including buried cracks, defects and air pockets.

Terahertz Cancer Imaging
The primary purpose of Terahertz medical applications is cancer imaging. The modules can reveal a contrast between regions of healthy skin cells and basal cell carcinoma, a common form of skin cancer.

Recent results have shown that TPI technology can reliably distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells in excised tissue.

Terahertz medical applications have also been used for breast cancer imaging. Using light waves in a newly explored region of the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz modules can examine breast tissue and determine whether or not removed margins are clear of cancer.

As well as being reliable and effective, terahertz medical imaging is much quicker compared to current examinations. Histopathologic examinations can take several days, leaving the surgeon unaware whether or not the tumour has been removed until well after the surgery is completed. With terahertz applications, the surgeon can analyse the tissue samples during the initial procedure.

Terahertz Imaging of Teeth
Dentists can also use terahertz imaging. Terahertz rays offer a safer alternative to X-rays for testing teeth. Unlike X-rays, terahertz analysis reveals three-dimensional shapes by measuring how the waves are affected by the structure of the target. As they are non-ionising, terahertz rays are also thought to be safer than X-rays.

11 Feb

Reasons to Contemplate Cryobanks India

Over the years, cord blood banking has increased in popularity. This is the practice of harvesting stem cells from an infant’s umbilical cord and having them preserved at a cryobank. Once it has been stored, the cord blood can then be used at a later date. There are numerous reasons why parents are now considering this as a viable option.

Cryobanking has become a common practice due to how valuable stem cells are. These stems cells can help to develop a healthy immune system in people whose immune system has been compromised. One thing to note about cord blood is that these stem cells are not only for use by the child they belong to. They can also be used by people who have the same blood type and need the stem cells. Although most people deem it as an expensive option, it could mean the difference between life and death when one is afflicted with a fatal disease such as leukemia.

So what are some of the diseases that cord blood can be used to treat? As aforementioned, leukemia, a cancer of the blood, is one of them. Other conditions include myelodyplastic syndrome, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, myeloma, neuroblastoma, plasma cell disorder and so on. There is a multitude of diseases that would need a bone marrow transplant for their treatment. By using cryobanks India, one does not have to undergo the painful bone marrow transplant procedure. Instead, they could opt for cord blood. In addition to this, stem cell research has been an ongoing process for several decades now. It is safe to say that in years to come there will be many more uses for this cord blood.

If you are going to be a parent, it is a good idea to consider cryobanking. This is especially important if your family has a genetic history of the aforementioned diseases. Soon to be parents of racial minorities as well as those parents who have conceived through in vitro fertilization are urged to consider cord blood banking as their children could have a predisposition to some of the diseases. It is easier to treat these diseases with cord blood because the stem cells will be a hundred percent math for the child. The other option when it comes to treating these diseases is through a bone marrow transplant and the process of finding a perfect match tends to be much harder.

When making a choice of a cryobank, there are two things that a parent must consider. This would be whether you would like to store the cord blood in a private facility or in a public facility. When it comes to the public facilities, your child’s cord blood is open to be used by anyone who may need it at any time as long as they are a match. However, in a private institution the cord blood is stored cryogenically for use by your specific family or relatives that may be a blood match. The choice would be ultimately yours.

10 Feb

Boost Metabolism and Feel Better With Kelp

Kelp is a main source of natural iodine. It is used extensively by the Japanese. The Polynesians also use kelp regularly in their diet. An English physician by the name of Dr. Bernard Russell used burned, dried kelp in 1750 to treat his patients who were suffering from goiter. In 1862, it was used by Dr. C. Dupare with success to treat obesity.

Kelp has traditionally been used for its rich abundance of iodine to treat thyroid disorders, whether they are under-active or overactive. This herb is a great promoter of glandular health. It also regulates metabolism. Kelp has a reputation for increasing the rate at which calories are burned. The herb is used to rid the body of toxins and radioactive material by preventing their absorption. Kelp promotes the growth of healthy tissue, skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, it is able to improve the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and mental alertness. It also alleviates kidney, bladder, prostate, and uterine difficulties.

The ocean water possesses one of the richest sources of the vital life-sustaining mineral elements that are known to science. Kelp extracts and assimilates the mineral elements from the ocean water and converts them into a usable form for humans. The kelp plant is thought to provide nourishment, enhance the immune system, aid in hormone balance, and restore strength. The herb has been proven to contain antibiotic properties. It is also thoughT that the brominated phenalic compounds that are found in kelp are responsible for killing both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Kelp possesses natural iodine to nourish the thyroid. The Japanese eat kelp regularly and have an extremely low rate of thyroid disease. Through the regulation of metabolism, kelp helps to increase energy. It may also help reduce fat in the body. Kelp is full of nutrients that nourish the entire body. Kelp can also help to prevent the absorption of some radioactive elements known to cause tumors, cancer, and leukemia in adults and children.

Kelp is a great herb for the body, as it contains nearly thirty minerals. The entire plant of the kelp herb is used to provide alterative, antacid, antibiotic, demulcent, diuretic, hypotensive, mucilant, nutritive, and hypotensive properties. The primary nutrients found in this herb are barium, bismuth, boron, calcium, chlorine, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, iodine, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, nickel, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, silver, sodium, strontium, sulfur, tin, titanium, vanadium, vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, G, S, and K, zinc, and zirconium. Primarily, kelp is extremely beneficial in treating adrenal gland problems, weak arteries, colitis, unhealthy complexion, eczema, and lack of energy, fatigue, goiter, infection, slow metabolism, weak nails, obesity, pituitary problems, and pregnancy problems, effects of radiation, unhealthy skin, and thyroid problems.

Additionally, this herb is very helpful in dealing with acne, anemia, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, gallbladder problems, gas, gastric disorders, glandular problems, headaches, heart problems, hypothyroidism, indigestion, kidney problems, morning sickness, nervous disorders, pancreatic problems, prostate problems, tumors, and lack of vitality. For more information on the many beneficial effects provided by the kelp, please feel free to contact a representative from your local health food store.

09 Feb

Cancer Treatment and Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

There are indeed many hot new ideas with their experimental applications constantly coming up on how to treat cancer. However, we must remember that when it comes to biochemistry, principles never change. This is certainly the case when it comes to pioneered cancer treatment that’s been used for many years having successfully survived rigorous scientific testing. Both doctors and patients alike have used these pioneered cancer treatments with great effect but the saddest thing is that most people are not getting informed.

For example, there’s the cancer therapy developed by Ernst Krebs, Harold Manner and their contemporaries emerging from the 1940’s onward, with changes in lifestyle; diet and exercise involving a strict daily regimen of high-dose laetrile (refined vitamin B-17), proteolytic enzymes and emulsified vitamins A and E.

Extracted from apricot kernels, laetrile a purified form of vitamin B-17 kills off cancer by breaking down an enzyme called beta-glycosidase present in the cell’s metabolic pathway… For an anti-cancer diet, examples of vitamin B-17 rich foods include: As already mentioned apricot kernels, bitter almonds, alfalfa leaves, wild blackberries and bamboo sprouts… All these are naturally occurring nitriloside foods.

The therapy also incorporates innovative successes originated by Professor John Beard, where pancreatic enzymes (proteolytic enzymes) destroy the cancer cell’s outer protein coating leading to cell death. However, heavy meat eaters are susceptible to cancer: Instead of the proteolytic enzymes breaking down cancer they get used up in dealing with the excess meat protein.

Then there’s Doctor Max Gerson, using his devised metabolic nutritional therapy approach. In the 1920’s Max Gerson, a medical doctor, devised a successful natural health based treatment protocol for cancer and exists to this day. It involves vegetarian organic raw juicing, nutritional supplements and caffeine enemas, encouraging the body’s amazing ability to heal. The bullet point to all this is that Gerson therapy addresses the root cause of the cancer problem: Nutritional deficiency and toxicity.

Don’t fall for the disinformation or ridicule out there. Like I’ve said these therapies have been known to work well. The above biochemists / doctors pioneers devoted their lives to these therapies. The ridicule, attempting to invalidate the treatment has much to do with the medical/pharmaceutical establishment who don’t want you to know about cheap and natural treatments such as these because it would undercut their business…

Gerson therapy is one of many examples of suppression in the cancer industry. In the 1920’s Gerson testified before congress showing how successful his cancer therapy was. However, his testimony was mysteriously struck off the list and there had been missing documents… Later his daughter Charlotte carried on with the therapy and its practice which continues today and she is in her 90’s.

Max had attempts made on his life… As forensic evidence backed up he was poisoned with arsenic in his coffee, which was assumed to be a way of trying to hush him up and his therapy.

-To summarise, suppressed, cheap, natural health based cancer cures take the unified approach, using a strict dietary regimen to address the underlying root cause that being nutritional deficiency and toxicity.

09 Feb

Information on Neutering Your Dog

Not all owners are convinced whether they should neuter or not neuter their dogs. In the end, it is a personal preference for all dog owners. This article will give you some more information on the benefits and disadvantages of neutering your dog.

Neutering your dog involves a surgical process where the reproductive organs of the male dog are removed by a surgical procedure. The process for female dogs is known as spaying. There are a lot of debates going on around this topic, and whether there procedures are good or bad for your dog.

This procedure does have a useful function, and that is to limit the stray dog population that does tend to get out of hand. This is enough reason to continue with these procedures. A lot of dog owners feel that the surgery will cause a lot of pain for their dog and lead to permanent damage, and that is the main reason that they do not want to go ahead with this.

The procedure is however not very difficult, and a specialist vet will tell you that the trauma surrounding the surgery will not last for longer than 48 hours. The surgical procedure will also not hinder the overall comfort of your beloved dog. The best age for having this procedure is during the first few weeks of the life of your dog. Although it can be done at any time in the life of your dog, the older they get, the more complications there might be.

Some of the benefits of this procedure include the fact that there will be fewer pressures on dog homes; it will help with the population management of stray dogs and a few others that are even more important than these. The possibility that a dog that has been neutered will cross the road and get hit by a car while following a female dog, is nil. Just think of a dog that is trying to cross a busy street, apart from injuring himself, it can also lead so a serious accident that involves other people.

The surgical process will involve the taking out of the testicles, and as an effect of this, the testosterone level in blood flow of the dog will decline. You will also find that your dog will have a much more sociable nature, and will also be more appropriate for a family that has little kids. A lot of behavioral problems such as jumping and fighting with other dogs will also are lessened significantly.

The possibility of testicular cancer will also be ruled out by having this procedure done. Some studies have however connected the neutering process with prostrate problems.

08 Feb

Buy Pau D'arco Bark: Stay Healthy Naturally

Though it has been used for centuries, its fame really began in the 1960s. Dr. Theodore Meyer learned about the use of pau d’arco (pronounced powdy arco) by natives of the tropical rain forest of the Amazon. They had used the inner bark of this hardwood tree as a medicine. Dr. Meyer followed their lead and claimed he successfully cured five advanced cases of leukemia with it.

The herb suddenly rose to fame! A decade later however, the National Cancer Institute determined that the quantity needed of the cancer curing drug in pau d’arco would have too many dangerous side effects. As a result, the “miracle drug” lost its place of prestige.

In the 1950s, Brazilian researchers confirmed that this ancient medicine is indeed anti-bacterial. Among more recent investigations:

The pau d’arco tree is an evergreen tree that grows in the warm parts of Central and South America. It is a broad-leaf evergreen that grows to a height of 125 feet and has pink to violet-colored flowers. Its extremely hard wood makes it resistant to disease and decay. The inner bark of the tree is used medicinally. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for pau d’arco and, as a result, the trees are endangered.

Most of the chemical research on pau d’arco has been done on the wood and not the inner bark. Pau d’arco contains chemical compounds called naphthoquinones such as lapachol that may have antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, as well as significant amounts of the antioxidant quercetin.

The herb is especially effective against Candida albicans, the fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections. Writing in the British Journal of Phytotherapy, Dutch herbalist Edward Oswald refers to the method of soaking a tampon in a strong pau d’arco tea while also taking the herb orally.

Tea can be made from the bark by adding one tbsp of bark for every three cups of water. The tea should be boiled for twenty minutes or longer in a non-aluminum pot. One cup of tea can be taken three or four times daily for acute conditions. One-half cup three or four times daily is recommended for other conditions. Pau d’arco tea has a cool, bitter flavor.

The use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Herbs, however, can trigger side effects and can interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. For these reasons, herbs should be taken with care, under the supervision of a health care practitioner. Talk to your doctor to determine the proper dose of pau d’arco, because too much can be dangerous. Pregnant and nursing women should not take pau d’arco.